Mexico – Cesder Center

Zautla Village

Country : Mexico

Zautla Village

Beneficiaries : 200 students and 200 families

Installation of the Safe Water Cube fountain: Octobre 2017


In November 2016, Jérôme and Caroline Plumejeau contacted the association Agir Ensemble to explain their project: « We are going to go around the world with our 2 children for two years in 2017. We wish to take advantage of this trip to join the useful to the pleasant one and carry out humanitarian and solidarity actions, one of which would be to equip a village without a source of drinking water in Mexico by providing them with a Safe Water Cube fountain. « 

The family is launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the Safe Water Cube fountain. They get in touch with a CESDER center.

Since 1982 CESDER has been installed in Zautla in the Sierra Norte de Puebla, in the North East of Mexico City. This center (non-commercial) aims to train students from indigenous communities in different fields to sustain their expertise and that these communities are self-sufficient; namely: agriculture, ecology, preservation territory, cultural communication.

The meetings with the communities made it possible to elaborate a plan of action, jointly with CESDER, to optimize the use of the fountain: the routing of the water (to 1h of car for the most remote communities) , personnel management using the machine, installation of the Safe Water Cube fountain.

It is in this context that the Plumejeau family, the CESDER center and the Safe Water Cube endowment fund team up to create this project.

Presentation of the project in Cesder Center

The project involves the installation of 1 Safe Water Cube fountain in the CESDER center located in Mexico City, Mexico, to provide students and families with access to safe drinking water and prevent the proliferation of diseases caused by poor quality some water.

This project focuses on two points: WATER and HEALTH

  • The supply and installation of a Safe Water Cube fountain.
  • Provide training to the public on the importance of drinking water.

Targets of the project:

  1. Install a Safe Water Cube fountain that allows more than 800 people to have access to drinking water.
  2. To considerably reduce the proliferation of water-borne diseases and to improve health and hygiene conditions.

Project funded : 5 500 €

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