Municipality of Tuao – Philippines

Municipality of Tuao

Country : Philippines

Municipality of Tuao

Population : 70 000 ininhabitants

Number of children under 15 : 10 000


The village of Tuao is a municipality in the province of Cagayan, Philippines in the north of Luzon Island. The country experienced in October 2017 a tragedy with a destructive typhoon. Today, the population does not have access to drinking water and children are suffering from diarrheal diseases among others.

It is in this context that the safe water cube endowment fund collects donations to supply this municipality with drinking water.

Presentation of the project

The project consists of installing 10 safe water cubes in Tuao to allow 7,000 inhabitants to have access to drinking water.

This project focuses on two points: WATER and HEALTH

  • The supply and installation of a fountain Safe Water Cube.
  • Provide training to the public on the importance of drinking water.

Targets of the project:

  1. Contribute to sustainably improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of Tuao.
  2. Train the population in health and hygiene needs.
  3. Increase the number of inhabitants with access to drinking water by 7,000.

Amount to finance : 55 000 €

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