Senegal – Tiara Village

Village of Tiara Kolba Republic

Country: Senegal

Village of Tiara

Population : 1 000 inhabitants

Number of childer under 15 : 430

Installation date:  Beginning of 2017


The village of Tiara is located in the Senegalese bush where there is no electricity or water source. Women and children travel every day for tens of kilometers to bring back water and wood.

It is within this framework that the Kolba County Council and the Safe Water Cube Endowment Fund team up to raise donations.

Presentation of the projet in the village of Tiara

The project consists in installing 1 safe water cube in the village of Tiara to allow all the population to have access to drinking water.

This project focuses on two points: WATER and HEALTH

  • The supply and installation of a fountain ‘safe water cube’.
  • Provide training to the public on the importance of drinking water.

Targets of the project:

  1. Install a Safe Water Cube that will allow all the inhabitants of the village to have access to drinking water.
  2. The second objective is to train the population in sanitary and hygiene needs.

Project funded : 5 500 €

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