Agir Ensemble Association Vendée

Agir Ensemble Association Vendée

Word of the founding members of the Agir Ensemble association Vendée

We are aware about our chance to be born in country where we have everything, what we need to live whatever our social condition. On many countries, misery is a screaming reality, and nothing will change if we do not act together therefore we have always set out, through the creation of different associations.

Life has put on our way children, men, women from Madagascar, Romania, Haiti and Benin, for whom we have been acting for more than 20 years.

Respectively executive secretary and CEO of a SAS, we manage the drilling techniques and water tower installations. However, if we have been able to realize several hydraulic installations with controlled costs, it is not obvious to find systematically (and far from it) water when carrying out a drilling. That’s why we’ve been looking for a simple and effective system for many years that is very different from reverse osmosis (which removes minerals).

The discovery of the SAFE WATER CUBE system invented and developed by Jean Paul AUGEREAU, was for us the technical solution we were looking for. The spirit, the ethics and the philosophy of the foundation fully correspond to us, that is why we have taken the responsibility to Agir Ensemble Association Vendée with the following objectives:

  • Bring drinking water to a maximum of people in great suffering around the world
  • Allow children to be educated and be in good health
  • Support or create health spaces
  • Work with the local population on their economic development

In order to allow these children, women and men not to be forced to migrate for lack of involvement on our part.

We consider that it is equally important to raise the awareness of our fellow citizens and particularly young children of the considerable challenges of the coming years, particularly with regard to water issues at home and abroad.

Act in schools to raise the awareness of the young public as that of acting in companies to mobilize staff and their leader seems to us unavoidable.

It’s a way for all:

  • to discover ourselves beyond our differences,
  • to support each other
  • and to participate in the realization of a better world.

To achieve this huge challenge, we need everyone. Gilles Boucaud, a man of great experience in the field of social and environmental responsibility (CSR), is pleased to join our team. No doubt his enthusiasm and skill will enable us to ACT TOGETHER!

Christian and Martine MOCQUAIS

Agir Ensemble Association Vendée


Secondary association :

Impasse du Rainay

85 150 La Mothe Achard


Tel : +33 6 88 89 21 49

Benefits to be a member of Agir Ensemble Association Vendée

Today, only French citizen or French resident could be part as a member of Agir Ensemble Association.

Your contribution entitles you to :

  • Receive newsletters of the association actions,
  • Participate in the installation of Safe Water Cube Fountains,
  • Carry out actions to raise funds on behalf of the association,
  • Promote the play and the illustrated story « The Curse of the Gnouilles »,
  • Receive 2 stickers of Agir Ensemble.

Amount of the subscription

The amount of the association subscription is  :

  • € 35  for over 25,
  • € 15 for under 25

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