Agir Ensemble Association – Act Together

Agir Ensemble Association (Act Together)

Why Agir Ensemble association  (Act Together) ?

The purpose of the Agir Ensemble association (Act Together)  is to promote access to drinking water, health and the social link in the regions of the world with few or no drinking water (…).

The team

Jean-Paul Augereau

Founder – Management, coordination & vision

Corinne Hiez

Project Management of the Foundation

Flora Gordet

Communication & Web

Sarah Legland

Associations and schools relations

Philippe Trarieux

IT & web

Martine & Christian Mocquais

Agir Ensemble Association Vendée

Gabriele Roesch

Health Division – Pharmacist

Odil Jamin

Health Division – Nurse

Targets of the association  :

  • Set up of the Safe Water Cube fountains
  • Manage logistcs
  • Train and manage volunteers
  • Train the population to use the Safe Water Cube and raise awareness of the importance of drinking water
  • Follow up on installations
  • Find partners
  • Animate relations between French schools and village schools
  • Produce the newsletter and the blog of the Agir Ensemble association and the Safe Water Cube Endowment Fund

Benefits to be a member of the Agir Ensemble Association (Act Together) :

Today, only French citizen or French resident could be part as a member of Agir Ensemble Association.

Your contribution entitles you to :

  • Receive newsletters of the association actions,
  • Participate in the installation of Safe Water Cube Fountains,
  • Carry out actions to raise funds on behalf of the association,
  • Promote the play and the illustrated story « The Curse of the Gnouilles »,
  • Receive 2 stickers of Agir Ensemble.

Amount of the subscription

The amount of the association subscription is  :

  • € 35  for over 25
  • € 15 for under 25

Membership form

Become a member of the Agir Ensemble Association  (Act Together) right now by contacting us by email at

Theater : The cruse of the Gnouilles

The association creates social links between the schools of the world through the play « The Curse of the Gnouilles » and a comic book on the theme of water, health and social link. The play is played by children aged between 6 and 12 in French schools and villages.

We connect schools so that students can discuss different topics such as culture, climate, cooking, access to water, etc.

You are a teacher, school or college director, theater teacher and you want to develop an educational project around water and cultural exchange. You can contact us by email at

You can now download the play via the following icon :

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