Our Story

Our Story

Jean-Paul Augereau, founding member of the Safe Water Cube endowment fund and president of the Agir Ensemble (Act Together) association. 

Jean-Paul Augereau, born in Cholet (France) in 1967, is an engineer in mechanical and electrical Engineering. Graduate of a postgraduate degree in Finances and International Marketing. Jean-Paul Augereau founded his first company at the ag of 27 years old and strengthened by his success, he became a Managing Director of sucessful companies in France and abroad.

For 15 years, he simultaneously runs three companies in the printing and textile industry and travels all over the world. The search for performance and the daily pressure move him away from his family and his entourage.

In 2002, he was stopped in his climb by a serious accident that will nearly cost him his life. Following the consumption of non-potable water during one of his trips abroad, he contracted a septicemia which nails him to the hospital. He will be saved by a human graft of aortic valve followed by a long convalescence.


Receiving this transplant radically changes his vision of life. 40 years old, he looks for what makes sense to him. He wants to give something to the world and finally focus on others.

Since he was sick because of the water, he decides to work in this sector for the benefit of the poor. While running a water treatment and recycling business, he spends another 10 years to design a simple equipment, easy to implement and sustainable to give « clean water to the world ».

The fountain Safe Water Cube was born as well as his « second » social and humanitarian life.

Jean-Paul Augereau decided to create the  Safe Water Cube Endowment Fund  and  “Agir Ensemble” Association in August 2016 and to put all the means in place to act globally in developing countries.

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