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Rural section of the city Cavaillon

Country : Haiti

Rural section of the city Cavaillon

Population : 54 000 inhabitants

Number of children under 15 : 21 495


The municipality of Cavaillon is located in the south of Haiti. She was stricken after Hurricane Matthew. Several schools were built after the 2011 earthquake in the locality of Cavaillon: Sudre, Tellier and Léger. The biggest problem of these schools is access to drinking water.

The ESSOR association works in Haiti in the following areas: social, education and health. She works in partnership with a local association: KRIK.

Together, they targeted several schools located in remote communities in the center of Cavaillon to help children who live in fragile areas where cholera cases have been detected.

It is often necessary to walk up to 2 hours from their homes to access drinking water points that are mostly poorly maintained.

This chore of water is often reserved for children (especially girls) which weakens their health (considerable physical effort) and can be a drag on their schooling. Some families are forced to use the water of the Cavaillon River. The national reports state that only 10% of households have access to a drinking water point.

It is in this context that the ESSOR association and the endowment fund team up to allow all these children to have access to drinking water.

Presentation of the project – remote schools -Cavaillon

The project involves installing 3 safe water cube fountains in 3 schools located in remote areas near Cavaillon. They will be installed in national schools which represent a point of daily contact with the pupils and the parents of the locality and will be able to radiate on the neighboring zones.

The treated water will be stored in tanks provided for this purpose that will allow the storage of treated water under good conditions.

1.5 liters of water will be distributed daily and free to each child during school hours.

The access will be open one afternoon out of two for the inhabitants of the village and all the other children of the communal section.

This project focuses on the following three points: WATER, HEALTH, SOCIAL LINK

  • The supply and installation of three fountains Safe Water Cube.
  • Provide training to children and the public on the importance of drinking water.
  • Create social link between Haitian schools and French schools.

Targets of the project:

  1. Install 3 Safe Water Cube fountains that will allow all school children and villagers to have access to clean drinking water.
  2. Train children and the population to sanitary and hygiene needs.
  3. Encourage the schooling of children, especially girls, by guaranteeing access to drinking water.

Amount to finance :  16 500 €

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