Madagascar – Humanitarian association AKAMASOA

Ambaniala Village

Country: Madagascar

Village of Ambaniala

Population : 340 families

Number of children under 15 : 1 600

Installation date : 25/03/2018


The President of the Agir Ensemble Association, Jean-Paul Augereau was able to talk with Father Pedro in Antananarivo, on September 7, 2017. They were able to go to the village of Ambaniala where 2000 people live on a rubbish dump.

Following this meeting, the association Agir Ensemble and the Safe Water Cube endowment fund decided to help this village by installing a Safe Water Cube fountain.

This village is located on a public dump in Antananarivo where 340 families live.

The population feeds on water in a well in the middle of the village.

This village is entirely financed by the association Akamasoa of Father Pedro.

We wish to thank Father Pedro for his trust and for all the work done with the involvement of the Malagasy people.

Presentation of the project in the village of Ambaniala

The project consisted in installing 1 Safe Water Cube fountain in the village of Ambaniala in Madagascar to allow all the population to have access to drinking water and to avoid the proliferation of diseases due to poor water quality.

This project focuses on the following three points: WATER, HEALTH and SOCIAL LINK

  • The supply and installation of a Safe Water Cube fountain.
  • Provide training to the public on the importance of drinking water.
  • Create a social bond between a school in France and a school in Ambaniala

Targets of the project:

  1. Install a Safe Water Cube that allows the 2000 inhabitants of the village to have access to drinking water.
  2. The second objective is to train the population in health and hygiene needs.
  3. Create 2 sustainable jobs
  4. Create a social bond between Madagascan and French children

It is in this context that the Agir Ensemble association joins forces with Father Pedro to provide drinking water to this village.

Project funded : 5 500 €

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